Pray for our First Responders

APTOPIX Senior Home Shooting

Yesterday I was invited to a Fire Fighters For Christ meeting with some men from the Long Beach Fire Department.

Just a couple of hours before our meeting Fire Captain David Rosa from the department was shot and killed in the line of duty.

We sat around a circular table in the union hall. I could feel the heaviness of what had happened as a presence in the room.  I could hear the heartbreak of the men as they talked about Captain Dave and the respect they had for him.

Since there was nothing else that could be immediately done to help, we began to pray.  We prayed for Dave’s wife and two sons.  We prayed for their church to come around them and for God to comfort them in this tragedy.  We prayed for their fellow firefighters who were out at the scene.  We prayed for wisdom that they would know what to do in such a time as this.

We sat there with our eyes closed, but I could see the love these fire fighters had for one another.  As others showed up there were hugs and tears and more prayers.  It became clear to me Long Beach Fire Department is a family, a family who has lost one of their own and it affects them all.

I am sorry I have not spent more time showing our first responders support through prayer!  

first responders

I will not forget my experience with the brave men and women I met yesterday!

Captain Dave is a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice.  But I can now see he has been a hero for a long time.

When our first responders get the call, they go!

They don’t know what is at the other end of the line of duty.

As far as they know there could be death or personal injury or imminent danger waiting for them every single time.  But they go!

This pressure of what could happen to them is a uniform they put on every single day.  It effects them.  It effects their families and their friends.

Some might say, “Well, that’s what they are paid to do!”  But before you say that, think about what you are saying.  This is the job.  To put yourself in the middle of a situation that may not be safe for you.  To put others as more important than yourself.

Next time you see the uniform or the badge.  When you hear the sirens or see the flashing lights.  Please consider how the first responders are the upholders of the Golden Rule.  Show them some respect.  Offer up a prayer on their behalf.

~Pray for their safety as they serve you.

~Pray for wisdom as they make critical decisions.

~Pray for their souls as they bear the burden of being the “good guy.”

~Pray for their salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ who can give them peace with God that surpasses understanding and love for others though they see such evil. 

Some day you may have to make the 911 call!

I hope before that day comes you spend some time with God in prayer!

And when you do, thank him for the first responders who answer that call every single day!

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